My Plastic Free Life

Here comes another blog trying to minimize the use of plastics in the daily life: My Plastic Free Life


Source: My Plastic Free Life homepage

Beth Terry is the author and she seems to be known in the U.S. for her efforts in reducing plastics, at least she posted several videos about her on U.S. television. Her aim with the blog is to collect and tally her own plastic waste, research alternatives to plastics and promote these alternative through her blog or other campaigns. In addition, she published her first book last year:

Plastic-Free: How I kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, a practical guide to ridding your life—and the planet—of plastic (Skyhorse)

The blog has tons of information and some interesting insights and inspirations. For example I liked the article about plastics in chewing gum (link) or her Plastic-free Living Guide (link). Looking through a few articles, it becomes also clear that Beth does not aim to avoid plastics completely, but rather tries to reduce unconscious overconsumption and looking for practical alternatives – for example producing her own soy milk with a plastic (!) soy milk maker (link).

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